Fast EU Delivery via Ireland

Updated 24 March 2020 

On 23 March 2020, a full lock-down was implemented in the UK due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Here's what we are currently expecting in terms of impact on our shop.

Open for business while stocks last 

E-commerce businesses were not on the list of businesses required to shut down. We therefore plan to continue operating for as long as we can.

We still have a few months' worth of stock for most of our products. There has been a spike in demand but we are doing our best to fulfil all orders.

Possible delays in the USA

In the USA, our orders are delivered via Amazon Logistics service. It has been impacted recently due to a huge increase in demand. So orders may sometimes take longer than expected.   

We can fulfil USA orders from England, but it usually takes at least one week.

Manufacturing and supply chains 

Global supply chains are severely disrupted at the moment.

We are working with our suppliers to ensure that we can keep the production lines open and stock replenished in order to meet the demand.

Safety measures in our fulfilment center

  • All employees have access to hand sanitisers on their hubs and desks, along with hand washing and cleaning facilities.
  • Strict cleaning rota has been implemented throughout the day to avoid bacteria spreading.
  • Masks have been issued for everyone, which are changed at midday with fresh ones.
  • Employees have staggered lunch times - no more than 6 people (1 per table) are in the staff area at one time.

Stay safe 

We wish everyone the best of luck during this difficult and uncertain time.

Please stay safe, stay at home, and look after yourself!