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We are changing outer packaging on our best-selling Fasting Salts powder.

From January 2022, it will be available in foil pouches instead of HDPE plastic tubs.

Why did we decide to change the packaging?

Unfortunately, we had a few issues with the plastic tubs over the last year.


Plastic tubs look quite robust but some customers reported receiving tubs that got damaged in transit. Typically, there’d be cracks in the tub or the lid, resulting in the product spilling out. The new pouch packaging is supple and will not crack or shatter.

Opened returns processed incorrectly 

We have a robust returns checking process in our own fulfilment centres. Unfortunately, we had a few instances of Amazon returns going wrong.  Amazon warehouse workers (who are unfortunately usually overworked and overwhelmed – in our opinion) would not check returns thoroughly. So opened products would sometimes go back into sellable inventory instead of being discarded.

The new packaging makes it obvious immediately if the product has been opened which will make it easier for warehouse workers to process returns correctly.

“Burnt plastic” smell on batch 

The last straw was the “burnt plastic” issue that affected about 2-3% of batches 111298/111299, manufactured in June 2021.

Induction sealing was applied for a bit longer than required during manufacturing, which resulted in a burnt plastic smell on the rim of the container. Although the safety and efficacy of the powder were not affected, many customers found the smell off-putting. We have replaced or refunded all affected products.

The sealing process on the new packaging is completely different so this type of issue will not occur again.

When will the new packaging go live?

We are gradually replacing stock in our international fulfilment centres and with Amazon.

Orders on our this website – changeover should be completed by 20 December 2021

Amazon orders – changeover should be completed by 3 January 2022

What do you think of the new pouches?

We hope this new packaging will be more robust and convenient for our customers.

If you have any feedback about the new foil pouches, we would love to hear it!

Please leave a comment below or email us at


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Author: Megan McManners

Megan is the founder and owner of Nutri-Align. She started the business back in 2012 when she was unable to find the right supplements for her Atkins Diet. Since then, she progressed to Keto/Carnivore and continued to create products for this market niche. Megan got into fasting during her treatment for breast cancer in 2018 which then led to the creation of Nutri-Align fasting supplements range.

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